Been working on a new Thousand Voices story and been really enjoying it. It’s a marked change from last week, huh?

I’d just like to mention someone I think you all should know about and avidly follow.

Mary Borsellino is one of my awesome writing buddies. Unlike me, she has actual books to show for her literary efforts. You can check out and purchase her Punk Rock Vampire e-books (is that the word? ‘e-books’?) at

Now, I read and loved the first in the Wolf House series – Origins and Overtures – but confessed to Mary that I wasn’t really a big fan of vampires. Or of punk for that matter. This led to discussions on music/monster mash-ups and my decision to one day write the folk-rock bigfoot story the world never knew it needed.

Until that day we must make do with this picture of a hip hop werewolf.

img027Looking on in shock and disbelief are snarky emo teen Bette and erudite vampire Blake from Mary’s books.

Do check those books out, eh. I hear the second one is due out soon! Get on the bandwagon now so you can be all “Tch! I read them back in 09. Where have YOU been?”later on.